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Youth Ministry

Ministering to a variety of youth in South Africa

The focus ministry group is through Capricorn Community Church, but youth of the Southern Cape are being ministered to through Leadership Development strategies that are being implemented in Capricorn. Our goal is to provide this next generation with the opportunities to grow and love the Lord with their entire lives!


Discipleship Groups

Through Biblical Discipleship methods, we're leading youth small groups. We study the Bible, teach youth to study the Bible on their own, challenge thinking and provide moral, counter cultural opportunities for youth. Pray for this process as it's quite long and unpredictable in a community that often rejects "relationship." 

Check out this Discipleship Material and Biblical Concept:


Retreats and Camps

It's our goal each year to raise funds locally through youth initiatives in order to take vulnerable youth away for a weekend and have Camp! Camp is for youth who are serious about learning about the Lord and for those who have made an effort to raise funds and have ownership in the production of Camp. This not only builds excitement, but it builds character, follow-through and responsibility! Pray that these Camps/Retreats will water the seeds of faith planted all year long in our youth!

Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Development builds deep rooted responsibility based in the Word of God! Focusing on the beauty of potential, Grow Assessments, and spiritual guidance, youth are led to find their purpose in the Church and in their skills. Growing leaders of today and tomorrow is so key to the success of communities like Capricorn!


Check out all the possibilities of ministry through Leadership Development : click here for the Leadership Development page.

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