GROW Ministry: supporting growth of wisdom, health and relationships

GROW is a ministry platform assisting youth, young adults and churches on a journey of growth.

For something to grow, it needs proper inputs, care, support, time and supernatural intervention. GROW seeks to take a participant as they are, assess their developmental stages (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and make a plan to support their growth in multiple areas.

GROW is based on the knowledge of Jesus’ growth on earth. The Gospel of Luke tells us:

“Jesus increased [grew] in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”  - Luke 2:52

Each mentor is trained to walk a year's journey with a participant. Ideally, we like to have groups of 2-3 participants with 1 mentor. Participants make their own goals and the mentor supports the process. We train mentors to walk life alongside their group and offer individual or group support along the way.


Our strategy is simple. It's one-to-one or small group gatherings where mentors and mentees individualize a plan for a one-year journey and goal achievement! Goals can be anything the mentee desires. We've learned that you can't motivate a goal that you don't 'own,' so you can aim as big as climb Mt Everest or as save for a pair of new shoes. Through GROW Ministries, we coach mentors to walk a journey with those that need support and offer mentors training and processing along the way.


Support to mentees can include a variety of inputs:

Educational Support. Experiential Learning. Mentoring. Counseling. Goal-setting. Accountability.  Spiritual Development. Family Relationship Support. Creative Solutioning. Artistic Processing, Connecting to Opportunities / Resources.


Check out this podcast that tells about the history of GROW Mentoring: 

The book





The GROW Mentoring Strategy and Workbook comes with a GROW Mentor's Toolkit. GROW staff will conduct an introductory training on how to mentor using this tool and then your group is ready to fly in mentoring relationships. This book is perfect for schools, churches, community development organizations, or any individual that wants to grow and meet their personal goals. 

Already a mentor and ready to do online training or access awesome resources? Click below for the password controlled entry into our Mentoring Portal.

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Leaders in ministry

We believe a healthy, refreshed leader will impact their world and multiply ministry efforts. Therefore, we identify leaders who are in strategic churches and invite their leaders for a time to pause, be with the Lord, and commune with other like-minded sojourners. 


We support leaders with things like: 

Book Clubs, conferences, a weekend away, Zoom check-ins, leadership development workshops, fitness challenges

... and more!

Contact us if you’d like your church and/or ministry leader to be a strategic GROW Ministry partner and participate in our Book Clubs & Refresh Retreats. 

group training

Sometimes we need some fresh teaching, a new perspective or a group process to inspire us to grow. Our short-course trainings take a group through education and application of the given topic. These trainings are perfect for small groups, churches and development organizations. See just a few training topics listed below.

Our Mentors are also long-time Disciples. We have a variety of Bible Studies we can bring to your group to equip and strengthen your ministry!


  • Creativity and Personal development - a personal or group session using art as a tool for processing 

  • Personality/Spirituality - taking note of how God ‘wired’ you naturally and how you can express your faith uniquely.

  • Divinely Designed - taking inventory of your experiences, gifts and abilities while uncovering ways to serve the Body of Christ.

  • Body – Soul – Spirit - learning how we are to mirror God's qualities in all aspects of our lives.

  • Spiritual Disciplines + Time Management -  a practical learning of how to go deeper through discipline and spiritual practices like prayer, Bible study, worship, silence, and more.

  • What is a Disciple? - studying how Jesus did ministry while on the earth and applying that to today's practical life.

  • Bible Study Methods - using basic church-planting models to lead a small group in studying the Bible.

  • Accountability Strategy - learning how to ask the right questions, naturally support another’s journey, and keep on a path of faithfulness together.

  • Leadership Development & Team Building - learn how to support and motivate leaders while maintaining vision and goals.