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Update from South Africa: Dec 2023

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

We’re so thankful for all God has done in Africa in 2023 and wanted to give you some feedback about your investment in this ministry.

Here are some highlights from our work in Africa in 2023:

- We worked in 8 different communities across Cape Town!

- We traveled to Kenya to bring art as therapy to Living the Faith’s sports programs, girls’ home and church leaders.

- We’ve led trauma debriefs and helped leaders process the violence, poverty and giving fatigue they deal with daily.

- Melanie spoke at 2 large conferences - educating about the importance of creative input as you teach the Bible.

- We developed an 8 week series of art lessons to pair with our mentoring curriculum. This was a HUGE success.

- The City of Cape Town’s department of recreation (government org) has taken notice of our new 8 week art program and is interested in getting our work in all the government recreation departments across the city. This would be a big expansion in need of more workers, but an amazing impact in hard communities.

- Andrew has paved the way for relationship with a police department - serving alongside them in a campaign: ‘violence against women.’ That police department also want GROW more involved in the community, as they’ve seen the value of art as a way to communicate and reach the masses.

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Good News! 

We'll be in the USA Jan 15 - Feb 17, 2024

We’d love to see you for a meal, coffee, or at one of our gatherings. We've already started our 'spreadsheet' so DM us if you'd like to grab a date! Message us here.

We’re having an Art Pop Up Shop, Feb 4 in Vestavia, as well as a few Paint Parties where you can experience our art workshops for yourself. Dates are being arranged as we speak. I’ll be sure to get you the details as soon as they’re finalized. If you're interested in coming to the Pop Up Shop or to a Paint Party, let us know!


As we look toward 2024, we’d appreciate your support and be honored to steward your donations again. We’re thankful to have you on our team. To find out ways to join our work, check out our website here:

Pop Up Shop 2024.jpeg

Ways You Can Pray

This year has been one of the hardest on the field in the 14 years I've been in South Africa. Personally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we've felt warfare, challenge and exhaustion. 

Melanie had some medical issues to deal with, Andrew went through hard times as he lost his brother, ministry was challenging (dealing with violence in communities, leaders burning out, exhaustion on all fronts), and financially we've run dry and are praying for God's daily provision. 

Please pray ...

  • For our travels to America in Jan. Safety, provision, and all the details to be divinely scheduled

  • For GROW to thrive, expand and know how to adapt in this changing climate of South Africa

  • For our Mentors to beat burn-out, feel supported and grow in God

  • For our family to have enough financial support to stay on the field in 2024

  • For our marriage to be united, strong and a blessing to us and those around us

  • For doors to continue to open in new communities, with new partners and across the continent 

  • For our health - mental, emotional and physical. For God to sustain us and give us strength

  • For Spiritual mentors and a Ministry Coach to walk alongside us. 

  • For friends and fun in our life, rest and joy amongst the hard work we do.

We are so thankful for your time in reading our update and your interest in God's work in Africa. 

We'd love for you to consider partnering with us again this coming year. There are many ways to be part of our team. If you feel God leading, please reach out and ask how you can be a teammate!


What Does Your Support Provide?


All donations are tax deductible through our Missions Sending Organization, Shepherd's Staff.

Find out more about Shepherd's Staff here. 

Our family's giving page here.

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