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Our approach to "mission" is unique. Our work is Gospel-centered, but we share through creative tools, life skills, mentoring, and debriefing.


Our work doesn't look like most missionaries you might be acquainted with. We hold weekly art sessions where we talk about life and the Word - busying our hands in the mediums of visual art, allowing conversation to be led by the Spirit. We provide debriefs to ministry leaders or those who have experienced trauma in their work or communities. We serve local non-profits and churches, helping them strategically plan, use creative inputs, and share the love of Christ in ways that aren't often seen in 'normal church activities.'

Want to know more or how to get involved? Don't hesitate to reach out!
We'd love to chat about how you can partner with us on the ground, monthly or through one-time gifts. 

Did you know?


  • For one leader to attend a ministry debrief through art: $20 USA or R380 ZA.

  • Our weekly Healing Through Art sessions cost: $52 USA or R988 ZA.

  • For 15 youth to go through our 8-week Life Skills & Mentoring Through Art course: $832 USA or R15,808 ZA.

  • A monthly gift of $100 USA or R1800 ZA goes a long way in our family's living expenses. Monthly donors keep us afloat. With monthly commitments to our work, we can project how much more we need to fundraise for basic needs. Food, shelter, childcare and transportation are all necessary and funded by the generosity of The Body of Christ. 

Join the Mission

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