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Presence Ministry

Walking Life With Others

The best way to share the Gospel with the poor is to simply show up.

After only a brief time of ministry in South Africa, I realized more and more that the mission was not a task, it's relationship. Just showing up builds ministry relationships, trust, and opens the doors to showing God's love through natural relationship. 

Success Stories in Presence Ministry

Sunday School

My love of Capricorn children and youth led me to intentionally invite some of the children to our church's Sunday School. My invitation and visits to the children's home led to building a relationship with the parents and all the others in the home. After about a year of taking the children to Sunday School and sharing Christ's love with this household, the parents and some of the older siblings are attending our church and hearing the Gospel each week!  By just showing up, God has used "presence" to reach families for His name!

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Family Ministry + People of Peace

Because most of my time is strategically with the youth of Capricorn, I've gotten to know some really rough places and situations. These youth and their trust in me have led to me meeting many of our youth's friends and family members. In such a tight-knit community, these introductions have led to me knowing many "people of peace" and lead to an ability to walk around the community and have multiple ministry opportunities by simply showing up and being ready to chat. 

Relationships are the key to community ministry!



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