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Leadership Development

​Building confidence, equipping, and encouraging.

Leaders serving leaders. Through Ministry Consultation, Melanie can meet with your leaders or potential leaders for training and equipping!


Supporting leaders:

Non-Government Organizations

Community Development Leaders


Mission Organizations



Sessions offered to ministry leaders and youth ministries:

School Leadership / Prefect 6 week course : Basic Leadership Skills

. Intro to Leadership
. Public Speaking & Personal Profiles Presented
. Goals – Leaving a Legacy
. Conflict Resolution & Decision Making
. Group Dynamics + Broken Squares (Group Dynamics test)
. What now – moving forward in leadership

First Steps (e3 Partners
. Making Disciples – Biblical mandate to invest in others
. Gathering Together – small group investment
. Develop Leaders – how to delegate and raise-up other leaders

Community Transformation Course (The Warehouse, South Africa)
. Entering Community Appropriately + Nehemiah’s approach to missions/rebuilding
. Human Needs and Biblical Identity
. Valley of Transformation – Crisis, Relief, Rehabilitation, Development, Transformation
. Community Needs Assessment – a tool for assessing where to begin helping communities
. Community Asset Mapping – looking for and tapping into assets/resources in the community



. Leading a Missions Trip - advice from a missionary and feedback from locals - Cultural Intelligence

. Preparing to Go - how to prepare a team (physcially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

. Processing On the field - how to work, relate, and love 
. Application - Now what? - how to process a day, week, month of ministry

. Re-Entry - Heading home - preparing for re-entry to home land

Basic Topics in Leadership Development
. Leading Small Groups – equipping leaders to lead others in a small setting
. Discipleship/Mentoring – understanding the importance of ‘walking life’ in a leadership capacity
. Personality Compass – understanding your personality, how you lead, and working together

. Body, Soul & Spirit – basics of how we’re built and how we’re to lead in our strengths
. Communication

. Love Languages in the workplace & in ministry

. Creativity and Spirituality - God is creator, we mirror his creativity. How can we use art to connect to God?

. Emotion and Spirituality - God created us with emotions. How do we tap into the spirit through emotional intelligence?

. Group Dynamics & Relationships - learning to work with a team

. Girls Ministry - GROW strategy training - mentoring, discipleship, life-on-life application

. Sunday School Training - how to teach children (primary school) to love the Word!



Contact Melanie for more details on Leadership Development for your leaders. 

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