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Transforming hearts and minds

Educating Others

It's my dream to educate others. Specifically, I'd love to help send students to further their education - whether that be post-high school or even Biblical studies in the local Cape Town Seminary.


Just a few Success Stories:

* In 2013, our church in Capricorn, had the privilege of sending one of our own to Seminary.

* In 2014, my home-church, Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, helped a post-high school student continue college by supporting her tuition fees.


These acts of donation are more than money, but build confidence in our young adults. Investing in people lasts longer than investing in things! To support educational initiatives, contact Melanie. 



After-school Tutoring

In 2012, my passion for education led me to begin helping a few of my Sunday School children with their homework on a weekly basis. This initiative is still in full-swing, and not only is homework being done, but deep relationships with the families of these children are being built! Reaching a child can reach a whole family!


There are lots of needs in this ministry - from renting a larger space to do the Tutoring, from school supplies and snack/meal money. To support this initiative or others, contact Melanie. 


Art Education

Currently, I'm volunteering at the local Primary School with an NGO that provides Art Education to the community! Read more in the Creating section!




Missions Education
Through the years of doing short-term missions (since March 2000), I've learned a lot about missions the hard way. Now that I'm on the field long-term and stabilized in one community, I've been gleaning lessons and trying to educate churches in how to send Believers in a strategic and helpful way.
If you or your company are in need of missions strategy or consultation, 
contact Melanie. 


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